Customs intermediation and representation

We have extensive experience in customs intermediation and representation of exporters and importers, legal entities and individuals, in all customs procedures in front of the customs and other state bodies and institutions. Our licensed customs agents, as well as the advanced work systems, will help you to successfully navigate through the customs procedures, and avoid extra costs and delays in the realization of your business processes.

Within the framework of customs intermediation and representation, Red sped offers you the following services:

  • Representation before the customs authorities in all types of customs procedures – release of goods for free circulation, import of goods and temporary storage, procedures with economic impact, transit procedure, simplified procedures, customs procedures in TIDZ, re-export of goods, and partial/successive customs clearance;
  • Tariffing of goods;
  • Preparation and processing of documentation for customs clearance of goods, and preparation of import/export documents;
  • Intermediation in obtaining import and export licenses and certificates;
  • Intermediation in the preparation of applications for all types of inspections – sanitary, market, veterinary, and phytopathological;
  • Organizing import and export of goods for individuals and legal entities;
  • Storage of goods under customs supervision;
  • Customs clearance of vehicles – full service;
  • Representation in the procedure for supplementary control and protest of customs documents.

Our employees have a broad knowledge and experience in this area, and ensure the compliance of your customs activities with all applicable customs and other regulations. We pay due attention to each client, and, in accordance with its needs, offer the best solutions for customs clearance of goods at lowest costs.

Our headquarters is located in Skopje, close to the Customs Office Skopje 4, and covers all Customs Offices in Skopje. We also have an office in TIDZ Bunardzik, in which we offer all services mentioned above. If necessary, our customs agents are at your disposal even during weekends. At the border crossings Tabanovce, Bogorodica and Blace we perform all the required customs and inspection procedures related to goods registration at entry, exit or transit through the Republic of Macedonia. The 24 hour working hours at the border crossings allow the goods to be forwarded to the final destinations efficiently and without unnecessary delays.